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Sony’s PS5 to Come at a Massive Size That Makes It a Standalone Console

Sony’s PS5 to Come at a Massive Size That Makes It a Standalone Console

The much-awaited pictures of Sony’s PlayStation 5 have finally been released at Taiwan’s National Communications Commissions. The PDF pictures show the game console from different angles. The close-up pictures show that the console of the game is a beast that measures up to and likely even exceeds the dimensions earlier released by the tech company. Sony had earlier released the length, thickness, and depth of PS5.

The published pictures show the console of the game from different angles and positions. The pictures truly put into perspective PlayStation 5’s 15.4-inch length, 10.2-inch depth, and 4.1- inch thickness. The PS5 console can be seen lying horizontally in the pictures. The cables and a detachable stand are also visible in the pictures. With these images, you can easily picture what the PlayStation 5 will look like in your cabinets.

If the figures didn’t really mean much, these pictures will surely communicate how much of a giant the PS5 console is. It is in fact the biggest game console in the history of modern gaming. Though not as bulky and ghastly looking as the old generations of games consoles, the PS5 console tops all other big, modern game consoles. It easily exceeds the Xbox One and PS3 in size. This is an amazing feat and it promises to offer gamers maximum entertainment and pleasure.

Gamers awaiting the release of this “beast” will have to think about creating enough space for it in their cabinets and entertainment centers. This also applies to the Xbox Series X. Both the Xbox series X and PS5 consoles seem to have been designed to sit vertically in your stands. This might not look much attractive with the extra bulk on their sides. If you don’t mind the extra bulge, you still get a stylish design that can be positioned in different ways to suit your needs.

Another good news about the size is that Sony has announced that the hardware of the much-awaited game is customizable. We hope this means that a part of the panel at the side of the game is detachable. We also noticed that the photos do not show a close-up look of the NVMe slot and how to access it on the PS5.

Notwithstanding the drawback in size, PS5 owners will be able to increase storage space on the PS5. Hopefully, more information about this will be released soon. With detachable parts and expandable storage space, there is certainly a lot to expect from PS5.

Song has announced that the PS5 will come in two editions. The standard edition will be sold at $499.99 and a disc-less digital edition which will go for $399.99. The expected launch date in the United States is November 12th, 2020.


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