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Facebook Launches Cross-Platform Communication between Instagram and Messenger

Facebook Launches Cross-Platform Communication between Instagram and Messenger

Social media giant Facebook has integrated Instagram and Facebook messaging in a few countries and plans to roll out the updated feature globally in the coming months. The cross-platform communication between Instagram and Messenger will make it possible for users to send messages across the two apps without necessarily installing both apps.

What this means is that you can send an Instagram message to another user on Messenger without having to download Messenger yourself. Whatever app you use, you can be able to seamlessly connect with family and friends using any of Facebook’s communication products. Part of the update includes choosing to receive inter-platform messages or not, making message requests to go to the Message Request folder or chat list.

Furthermore, Facebook is updating Instagram with some of the best Messenger features which include the possibility of watching trending videos on IGTV with friends during a video call. This updated feature is known as “Watch Together” and will make several numbers of people to watch the same favorite video during video call at the same time.

The launching of the cross-platform communication between Instagram and Messenger appears to be a fulfillment of Mark Zuckerberg’s 2019 promise to make the entire gamut of Facebook products – Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger – into one massive communication platform. According to him, “private messaging, ephemeral stories, and small groups are by far the fastest-growing areas of online communication.”

Interestingly enough, the social media giant has over 1 billion users on each of its communication platforms, and integrating them may bring up to 4 billion users across the board to its social media and messaging platform. This situation has made rivals, including Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes who is no more with the company, to accuse the social media giant of monopoly, causing numerous lawsuits and antitrust investigations in the US and Europe against the company.


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