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Google Says Chrome 87 Delivers the Biggest Performance Boost in Years

Google Says Chrome 87 Delivers the Biggest Performance Boost in Years

Google Chrome, the world’s most popular browser, gets better every year. If you’re yet to update the popular browser, you should, because as far as Google is concerned, the latest update in its browser delivers the most significant performance gain in years. The company said the new and improved update is the outcome of several tweaks made to the Chromium-based browser.

With this new update, the company promises enhanced and long-lasting battery life for users on laptops.

“This month’s update represents the largest gain Chrome performance in years,” Matt Waddell, Chrome’s director of products, stated in a blog post.

Waddell said that the improved changes were made possible through a boatload of under-the-hood changes and optimizations that have led to Chrome becoming a much-improved browser in many aspects.

One of the apparent changes had to do with tabs. Prior to the new changes, tabs running in the background were major culprits of battery and CPU drainage. This would no longer be the case, as Chrome will prioritize users’ active tabs over those running in the background. This change is expected to reduce CPU usage by five times and extend battery life by over an hour.

Google said it would be using JavaScript throttling to keep tabs in check. The company explained that even with tabs kept in check, users would still be able to play music and obtain notifications, the Verge reports.

So huge are the latest improvements that launching Chrome should feel quite different in speed. The company pegs this new speed as being 25 percent faster. Pages are also now able to load 7% faster. These improvements come without a drain on your power or RAM, Google revealed.

Users will find more on the tab search. For users who get lost in numerous tabs on their device and are unable to find a vital tab, the new tab search feature would solve their problem. A list of your open tabs would be created, and you can then quickly type to find which one you need. This new feature would be launched on Chromebooks first before other desktop versions of Chrome.

Another improvement is in the address bar, where users can now get things done rapidly with a few clicks. The address bar now comes with more privacy and security to increase your peace of mind with a few clicks.

You may also notice the added “cards” whenever you open a new tab in Chrome. It helps users navigate their way through their activities like finding a nearby restaurant, seeking the best Christmas gift items, and more. Google said the feature would be limited to some users for now but plans to make the entertainment cards available for all users in 2021.

The Chrome 87 update rolled out on November 17.


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