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Google Meet Reduces Time Spent to 60 Minutes for Free Customers

Google Meet Reduces Time Spent to 60 Minutes for Free Customers
Google Meet is reducing the amount of time that free customers spend on the video chat platform to 60 minutes from September 30. Google had earlier in April announced at the launch of the video chat that time spent will be limited to free customers to come September 30, and it seems the company is making good on that warning.

Google thereafter integrated Meet into Gmail and all customers can now use the video chat platform for free. However, with the news of reducing the time spent by free customers to 60 minutes, paid customers can use the platform for as long as they want. Paid customers can hold video conferences with no time limit to as many as 100 people at once so long parties to the party have a Gmail account or download the Google Meet app.

A Google spokesperson said, “we don’t have anything to communicate regarding changes to the promo and advanced features expiring; if this changes, we’ll be sure to let you known.”

On September 30, access to advanced features in G-Suite, as well as G-Suite for Education, will also go away, and this includes meeting possibility with up to 250 people, live-streams with up to 100,000 people in a single domain, as well as the option to save recorded meeting proceedings to Google Drive.

Customers who want to enjoy all these services without interruption must upgrade to the G-Suite enterprise service which costs $25 every month for each user.

Google Meet hit over 100 million per day in April when the video chat tried to catch up with the phenomenal rise of Zoom during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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