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Samsung Launches 110-Inch MicroLED TV in Korea; Global Sales Planned for 2021

Samsung Launches 110-Inch MicroLED TV in Korea; Global Sales Planned for 2021

Samsung recently introduced the 110-inch version of its MicroLED TV, and the product is presently available in Korea.

Since 2018, Samsung has been showing off its massive display TVs that use MicroLED technology. Initially, it was the futuristic, modular 146-inch TV it tagged, The Wall, which was released at CES 2018. The next year, at the same event, the company released the 75-inch and 219-inch model. However, those displays were modular and required installations. They were primarily targeted at businesses. The latest model is prefabricated and can just be installed like any other conventional TV out there.

Samsung’s MicroLED TV technology can be used to create display sizes of any type. However, this wasn’t always the case. The company explained that it only recently started mass production of its MicroLED TV for home installation due to its new surface mount technology and manufacturing process derived from its semiconductor business. With this technology, the company is able to produce even smaller displays for home use moving forward, the Verge reports.

MicroLED is widely considered the next-gen TV tech. It has all the best features of OLED and LCD TVs and almost none of their drawbacks. The new TV has 4K HDR display capability, a wide color gamut, and a powerful new Micro AI Processor. Its micrometer-sized LED lights have a lifespan of 100,000 hours that can last for up to ten years. Its Multi-View feature can split the display into four screens, displaying four different contents all at once.

It has a 5.1 Majestic Sound System with surround sound capability that needs no external speakers. There’s a feature on this TV that enables it to track objects moving on the screen, such as cars moving by, thereby allowing it to project sounds from these moving objects.

Surprisingly, Samsung hasn’t pegged a price tag for this TV. However, consumers can expect a price that is well beyond the cost of the other 4K or even 8K TVs from the stables of Samsung.

There’s a particularly cool trait about this TV, as can be seen from product images circulating the blogosphere. There are no bezels or even borders on this TV. It has an almost 100 percent screen-to-body ratio. This TV is only available for pre-sale in Korea currently, but global sales are expected to become available in the first quarter of next year.


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