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Lin Qi, Maker of Game of Thrones Video Game, Dies from Suspected Poisoning

Lin Qi, Maker of Game of Thrones Video Game, Dies from Suspected Poisoning

Lin Qi, the Chief Executive Officer and founder of Yoozoo Group, a video game company, died at 39 on Friday, December 25th after spending over a week in a hospital. Lin reportedly went to the hospital on December 16, after feeling pains in his stomach. The doctors discovered he had been poisoned and called the police, according to Yoozoo’s statement confirming Lin’s death.

“The doctors contacted the police at 5 p.m. on December 17, after they discovered that a patient, surnamed Lin, had been poisoned,” Yoozoo stated. “The police started an investigation into the case immediately. After contacting and interviewing different people, the police discovered that a suspect, who works closely with the victim most likely poisoned Lin. The suspect surnamed Xu has been arrested and the investigations are still ongoing.”

Lin’s company which he founded in 2009, created the 2019 video game Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming based on the popular HBO series “Game of Thrones”. Lin’s company also dabbles in film production, and the CEO was set to produce a new Netflix series alongside the creators of Game of Thrones, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, Gamerant writes.

Yoozoo alongside Benioff and Weiss were working on creating a new series from “The Three-Body Problem”, a trilogy of sci-fi novels, written by Liu Cixin, a Chinese novelist. According to local media outlets, Yoozoo executives had a disagreement briefly before Lin was poisoned. The reporters stated that the suspect in Yoozoo’s statement is most likely, Xu Yao, the head of Yoozoo’s movie production unit, one of the executives of the company.

The local media outlets stated that Lin was poisoned with a cup of pu-erh tea. All of the reports surrounding Lin’s death, however, remain unconfirmed as the police have not given details about the arrest or the investigation. Yoozoo has not revealed more information about Lin’s death.

Lin was working with Weiss and Benioff as the executive producer of their new Netflix series. The TV content creators announced the project in September, over a year after the last episode of Game of Thrones was aired in May 2019. The trilogy tells the story of humanity’s first contact with aliens. The series will be exclusively for Netflix, according to the stipulations of a 2019 $200 million deal between the creators and the video streaming platform.


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