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Nvidia’s Game Streaming Service, GeForce, now Available on Google Chrome, M1 Macs

Nvidia's Game Streaming Service, GeForce, now Available on Google Chrome, M1 Macs

The GeForce Now service that allows players to stream very heavy games is now available for Chrome users. The site’s beta version can also be accessed on M1 Macs. This is quite a feat for gamers with computers and other devices that previously could not be used to access the streaming service. The streaming service is reportedly functioning perfectly on Windows 10 PC and Mac’s browsers, XDA reports.

The Nvidia-owned service was previously available as applications on Android and Windows 10 devices. About five months ago, the company announced a beta version for Chromebooks. That feat was bested by Nvidia when it released an application workaround for iOS, providing a service that not even Stadia had been about to achieve at the time. Users of the devices could access the GeForce Now service by launching the Safari browser on their devices.

The audience will be even bigger now with the new announcement because all a gamer needs now is a good device, even just a small laptop computer, and a Chrome browser to access the games on GeForce Now. Users can access the games via the streaming service’s website or a recently developed dedicated app. Nvidia said the latter is for users on new M1 Macs.

The service has been tweaked a little to provide a more browser-like feel, according to the company’s changelog. Users will be able to do things such as sharing game links or creating shortcuts on the website, the Verge writes.

The GeForce now streaming service acts as an external device with cloud storage that can be used by gamers to stream resource-intensive games. Gamers can play the games with hardware devices such as a mouse and keyboard, and gamepads. Wireless headsets can also be connected to complete the experience. However, the game is only available in certain regions, and it still does not work on Edge browsers.

With the service’s Steam Integration feature, gamers can also access some games already available on their PCs but this does not work for all PC games as some game developers have not given Nvidia their approval. The company has been accused of giving gamers unrestricted access to games without getting the permission of the game developers first.

Another thing that might not attract many gamers to the service is its lower resolution when compared to Google’s Stadia. Though Stadia has a fewer number of games with many more restrictions, some gamers still prefer it because of its high-resolution games. The company is plowing on against all odds and its streaming service is expected to be available on LG televisions later this year.


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