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Google Discontinues Sale and Support for Its Nest Guard Secure Alarm System

Google Discontinues Sale and Support for Its Nest Guard Secure Alarm System

Google has stopped all sales and supports for its Nest Guard Secure alarm system. There is a notice that reads “no longer available” on the device’s product page on Google Play Store. The tech giant on inquiry confirmed to Android Police that Nest Guard will no longer be available to potential users although existing users will continue to enjoy it without any disruptions.

A Google spokesperson later confirmed the product discontinuation in a statement when they said “Google Nest will no longer be producing Nest Secure, however, we will continue to support our security users in all the same ways.”

Nest Guard was released in 2017 but it has never been updated by Google since then. It launched for $499 but this price was reduced to $399 within a few months after. The device is a security system that can detect movements around the house; it has a keypad and NFC key fobs that can be used to activate or deactivate the security system. It can also be connected to the Nest Guard app on a smartphone to enable the user to receive security notifications and also to arm or disarm the device.

Nearly two years after users first bought the device, they learned that it has a secret microphone. They knew this fact when Google added the device to Google Assistant in February 2019.

While Google remains in the smart home security business, the company continues to push other products such as video doorbells, smoke alarms, security cameras, and other related products. The tech giant also invested $450 million into ADT in August, revealing that Google is partnering with the security company to develop and market smart home security devices for global customers.


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