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Microsoft to Facilitate Using Android Apps on PC; Windows OS on ARM Chips to Do Much More

Microsoft to Facilitate Using Android Apps on PC; Windows OS on ARM Chips to Do Much More

Microsoft is planning to make it possible for PC users to run Android apps on their personal computers. The computer software company has released an update to Windows 10 so that the Your Phone app on the operating system can work efficiently with installed or synced Android apps. The newly updated Windows 10 OS was released to Windows Insiders testers on Wednesday, and once they certify that it runs perfectly, it will be rolled out to the general public in the coming months.

With the updated Windows 10 OS and updated Your Phone software in the OS, you can easily connect your Android smartphone and personal computer and thereby control your phone from your computer. A user can connect the PC and Android devices from the settings page, and even remove any connected device from the computer as well. The user can also switch between active devices using computer software.

“Now each device is identifiable on its own device card with your personal synced wallpaper,” Microsoft said.

Furthermore, Microsoft is also bringing new Windows 10 OS that runs on ARM processors to be capable of increased functions because of its new x64 emulation. As it stands before this new announcement, Microsoft Windows using ARM chips usually run on 32- or 64-bit ARM apps as well as 32-bit x86 apps. An example of a Microsoft device running on this configuration is the Surface Pro X. However, most desktop software such as the Adobe Creative Suite now use 64-bit x86 chips and no longer offer support for their existing 32-bit versions.

Because of this, Surface Pro X and other related devices are not able to utilize some apps again, but with the new Windows 10 on ARM x64 emulation chips, all devices will not begin to work perfectly again. In fact, Microsoft plans to release the new x64 Windows on ARM to testers in November and it will be rolled out to most Windows OS on PC by next year.

Microsoft equally made it clear that Microsoft Edge will be updated for speed on ARM devices and to consume less battery power. Also, the Visual Studio Code was updated to work perfectly with devices using ARM, and other relevant software.


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