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Google Meet Noise Cancelation Feature Now Available on Android and iOS

Google Meet Noise Cancelation Feature Now Available on Android and iOS

Google Meet, Google’s video conferencing service, has rolled out its noise cancelation feature for Android and iOS.

The noise cancelation feature enables a user to turn off background noise from external devices that you do not want to be included in your audio output. This feature was made available way back in June for the desktop version of Google Meet, and now Google has deemed it fit to introduce it to mobile platforms.

slight drawback to this particular feature is that it would only be available for G-Suite Enterprise and G-Suite Enterprise for Education customers. At least, for now.

In a blog post that the Google G-Suite team put out recently, it said the AI-powered noise cancelation feature would be available in all regions of the world, with only a few exceptions.

Noise distraction from unwanted audio output has been the bane of most video conferencing services. This is one challenge that Google seeks to solve with its latest feature on Google Meet.

At the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic, a lot of people started using video conferencing services to meet with their team and collaborate on projects remotely. With schools shut down for some months, educators and students began using video conferencing services, such as Google Meet, to learn and study while awaiting the full resumption of schools. However, noise from the environment continues to prove very distracting.

When the noise-cancellation feature is turned on, it filters out background noises such as barking dogs, TVs, people’s discussions, noise from nearby constructions, sounds from moving vehicles, and so on.

Google, as part of its plan to make the platform very user-friendly and practical, had rolled out several impressive features over the last months. Again, an increase in its user-base since the beginning of the pandemic has made meeting some specific challenges very necessary. It also strives to push more people to work remotely using a service that meets their every need.

This latest feature on Google Meet is turned off by default. So, for users who want to make use of this feature, they have to turn it on themselves.

There are users who make use of musical instruments and other audio accompaniments during calls. For this type of user, Google recommends that they turn off the noise-cancellation feature, or they won’t be able to enjoy the best experience while on call.

The new features Google is bringing to Google Meet is part of its strategies to keep up with rival video conferencing service, Zoom. Just like Zoom, Google Meet recently added background changes such as blur background, low-light mode, and others.

As this new feature rolls out on Android and iOS, G-Suite Basic, G-Suite Business, and G-Suite Education users of Google Meet can only hold their breath to find out when this feature will be available for them.


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