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Google Chrome OS May Launch Its Dark Mode Very Soon

Google Chrome OS May Launch Its Dark Mode Very Soon

Google’s Chrome Operating System may launch a dark mode for users very soon, Android Central revealed. Interested users can access the long-overdue dark mode on the Canary version of Chrome OS. The Canary version of Chrome OS is a new experimental version that is used to test new updates before they are available on Google Chrome OS; as a result, it is very unstable and filled with glitches and bugs.

To access the dark mode, you have to install the Canary version on your phone; but as a result of its instability, it is advisable that you only install it through a Chromebook separate from the Chrome OS you use daily. Users that can access an alternative Chromebook can install the Canary version and test the dark mode on it. As soon as you have the Canary channel installed, click on Chrome and enter this into space for URLs:

chrome://flags/#enable-force-dark and chrome://flags/#enable-webui-dark-mode

Because the dark mode is still being tested, you might experience some difficulties using it. However, it is working correctly if it operates on the whole of the Chromebook User Interface (UI) instead of just working on some sites. If you are experiencing glitches, you might have to uninstall the channel and wait for the dark to be perfected. When that happens, it will be available on Chrome OS without a need for the Canary version, PC Mag writes.

It should also be noted that the Canary version uses a special developer mode different from the Chrome OS developer channel and Google has advised users that it can be unstable. Android Central warns that the dark mode contains some bugs but is working across the Chromebook UI and not just on certain sites as a darker background. Some users have also reported that it doesn’t work on older Chromebooks.

Most app developers including Google have been introducing the dark mode because a lot of users appear to prefer it to the light mode. The dark mode is easier to use in environments with low light, and it uses less power when compared to the light mode. Gmail, Google Calendar, and Google Fit are examples of Google apps that have a dark mode. At the time of writing this report, Google has not given any announcement about plans to introduce the dark mode on Chrome OS.


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