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Google’s New NEST Thermostat Retails for $129 and Comes with Awesome Features

Google’s New NEST Thermostat Retails for $129 and Comes with Awesome Features

Google recently announced a simple and affordable version of its Nest Thermostat that costs just $129. In a post to announce the rebranded Thermostat, Google’s Ruchi Desai said that the thermostat was built with the purpose of having people use less energy than they’re currently using, whether they are at home or the office, in order to save them money and help the environment.

Desai added that the old thermostat seemed expensive for a lot of people. So, there was the need to design something that is affordable for most folks, yet comes with top-notch features.

Since Google acquired Nest Thermostat, this is the first significant overhaul the company would be bringing to the thermostat. As can be expected, the rebranded thermostat comes with a lot of Google Home integration.

The new Nest Thermostat can be controlled with the Google Home mobile app and can monitor heating and cooling systems. It can detect potential faults in the system on time. There are awesome features that allow for custom temperatures at certain times in the day, even on different days. There is the Savings Finder functionality designed to help users save power over time, thereby sending way less on energy.

However, a key and the intriguing feature of the new Nest Thermostatshould be its use of the Soli technology that Google introduced in its flagship device, the Pixel 4, created for accurate motion sensing. When you utilize this technology with your phone location, the thermostat can sense when you are away, which prevents you from wasting energy on an empty house.

Users will find this new design with a mirror outlook very attractive, a break from the unwieldy build of previous models. Instead of rotating the face of the device, users can now swipe down the side to either increase or reduce the temperature. The Soli radar is can detect when someone walks up to the device, thereby allowing the screen to lighten up.

There are a few drawbacks to this thermostat. It lacks the Nest’s trademark learning function, which automatically learns the living conditions of your home and adjusts the thermostat accordingly to achieve the most comfortable and efficient living conditions for your home. Rather, it comes with the conventional schedule system wherein you get to tell the thermostat when you are at home and when you’re not. However, this new modality will help beginners who are just getting started with a smart thermostat for the first time.

The new thermostat comes in four colors and they include Snow, Charcoal, Sand, and Fog. Google said pre-orders start from October 12 and will be available in the coming weeks. It goes for $129 in the US and $179.99 in Canada.


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