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Early Buyers Are Reporting Unexpected Hardware Defect in Google’s Pixel 5 Phone

Early Buyers Are Reporting Unexpected Hardware Defect in Google's Pixel 5 Phone

Just a few days after early buyers who ordered Google’s Pixel 5 during the preorder season received their orders, most buyers are already complaining about an embarrassing defeat in the 5G-enabled smartphones – a tiny but noticeable space between the screen and aluminum body of the device. Buyers are concerned about the effects this might have on the water and dust resistant phone and have expressed their concerns on Google’s official support websites, as well as third-party sites such as XDA Forum.

Google’s Pixel 5 smartphone is being sold for $699 and is not even available everywhere yet. Buyers have stated that there is no indication yet that the defect affects any of the phone’s functions, unlike what users experienced in other Pixel phones but most have stated that with $699, buyers should at least get something close to perfection. Some buyers have attributed the defect to Google’s cost-cutting process. The tech company went for a Snapdragon 765 processor instead of the expected super fast Snapdragon 865 soC processor.

Surprisingly, the Pixel 5’s starting price of $699 is $100 cheaper than the Pixel 4’s starting price of $799 with a battery capacity of 4,000mAh instead of the 2,800 mAh available in Pixel 4. The Pixel 5’s screen measures 6-inches as opposed to the 5.7-inch screen on the 4G-LTE Pixel 4. Some of the buyers have attributed the low price and the hardware defect to Google’s decision to use aluminum instead of glass for the Pixel 5’s back.

The space between the screen and aluminum body that some early buyers have reported is not very large but quite noticeable even in pictures that have been making rounds online. A particular buyer stated that he returned one of the defective phones and got a replacement with the same problem. This shows that quite a large number of the phone has the defect but maybe not all of them. Users are faced with a tough choice of whether to settle for the defective phone or get a refund.

Buyers are calling on Google to explain the unexpected and embarrassing defect. They want the Big G to state if it will be possible for affected users to seek a replacement without getting another defective phone or just get a refund. If this will be impossible, then it will be best for Google to reassure affected users that the defect will not disturb the Pixel 5’s IP68 water and dust resistance in any way.

Buyers are also quite concerned about dirt and other particles lodging themselves in the space between the body and screen of the Pixel 5, and if there is a possibility that such particle can spoil the 6-inch OLED screen of the device. If these questions are adequately answered, people that have already bought the phone and prospective buyers will be reassured that the $699 is money well spent.


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