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Trump Develops Mild COVID-19 Fever, To Be Hospitalized At Walter Reed Hospital

Trump Develops Mild COVID-19 Fever, To Be Hospitalized At Walter Reed Hospital

President Donald Trump has been taken to Walter Reed National Military Center on Friday after he showed signs of a mild fever after testing positive for COVID-19. White House physician, Dr. Sean Conley stated in a memo released on Friday that he wants the president transferred to Walter Reed, for proper care and monitoring. The president arrived at the Bethesda Military Center on Marine One late in the day on Friday.

The memo was shared by Kayleigh McEnany, the White House press secretary. Dr. Conley said in the memo that the decision to have the president transferred was reached after proper consultation with specialists from Johns Hopkins and Walter Reed. The doctor said that the development is not as a result of the president being in a critical condition. He stated that the president does not require supplementary oxygen and that he will be placed on Remdesivir.

“I am pleased to tell everyone that the president is doing very well,” Conley wrote. “He has not shown any signs of needing supplementary oxygen, but I have had a consultation with specialists from John Hopkins and Walter Reed and we have decided to start the administration of Remdesivir. We have administered the first dose and the president is relaxing now.”

The President and First Lady tested positive on Friday after being in close contact with Hope Hicks, a senior aide of the president. In his first appearance after the positive test, the president looked okay without any sign of the virus while being transferred to the hospital. He waved at reporters and saluted his military personnel aides when he arrived at the hospital. In a video posted on his Twitter account, he also reassured everyone about the state of his health.

“I would like to appreciate everyone for their support,” Trump said in the 18-seconds video. “I am being transferred to Walter Reed Hospital, but I am doing well. We just need to ensure that it stays that way. The First Lady is fine too. I will never forget the love and support you’ve given us, thank you, I appreciate it.”

Some of the president’s top officials have been diagnosed with COVID-19. Bill Stepien, Trump’s campaign manager; Hope Hicks, Trump’s adviser; and Kellyanne Conway, ex-counselor of the White House. An adviser that works in the White House has allegedly reported that the president’s symptoms are slightly troubling. According to reports, the president has developed a fever, feels fatigued and he is showing signs of difficulty in breathing.

Trump’s condition has not warranted the need to transfer his duties to Vice President Mike Pence. According to Alyssa Farah, White House spokeswoman, Trump is still in charge. An official of the White House has also asserted that the president’s condition is stable and supporters need not panic. He also stated that the public will be notified of the president’s condition frequently. The Vice President is reportedly working from his home at the Naval Observatory.

The president has also been given REGN-COV2, an experimental drug that has not been approved by the FDA. He has also received doses of Vitamin D, melatonin, zinc, famotidine, and aspirin. The First Lady is feeling better than the president, according to reports from the White House.


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