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Roman Reigns Wrecks Havoc on Jey Uso With a Humiliating Wrestling Victory

Roman Reigns Wrecks Havoc on Jey Uso With a Humiliating Wrestling Victory

Roman Reigns sent out a very chilling message to Jey Uso following the trumping of his cousin to retain the Universal Championship title in the main event of the WWE Clash of Champions. Fans were treated to an enthralling end of the match when Jimmy Uso, Jey’s twin brother, stepped onto the ring to intervene. Following a humiliating duel for Jey, Jimmy had to throw in the towel on behalf of his twin brother. For the match, it as truly a family affair.

Roman Reigns was undeniably the superior wrestler in the encounter from start to finish. For Reigns, there was no time to take a break, as he continued to attack Jey even outside the ring. At some point in the match, Jey had wanted to stage a comeback, going for a Samoan drop, and also a pin.

In a short bout of heroics, he sent Roman Reign over the top rope and even decided on back-to-back pins. However, his heroics were short-lived when Reigns landed him with an uppercut to turn the tide of the match towards Reigns once again.

Reigns commenced an unrelenting attack on Jey, hitting him with two spears. However, he decided against putting an abrupt end to the match by going for the pin. Reigns continuous attack on Jey prompted an intervention from Jimmy, who surrendered on his brother’s behalf.

During the title bout, Reigns had repeatedly asked Jey to acknowledge him as “the tribal chief” while pummeling Jey with reckless abandon.

Since his shocking return at Summer Slam, and his eventual title win at Payback, this victory marked the first time he would be successfully defending his title. However, there’s a silver lining for Jey Uso who could have a shot at a rematch at Smackdown since Roman Reign didn’t earn his win through the pin.

Roman Reign is currently on an unbelievable streak of form. Reigns, who was initially scheduled to fight Goldberg, was forced to cancel due to the coronavirus pandemic. He returned to Summer Slam and won a title at the event. At Smackdown, he’s been a beast. It is exciting for the fans at the current level that he’s operating on. It’s undebatable that he has singlehandedly brought glamor to Smackdown.

There were silent expectations from fans who had expected a shock upset. But no matter how bad they had wanted it, it was a lopsided encounter, and we all knew just how it would turn out.

There’s no telling how long he would keep this title. But from recent winning streaks, it’s expected that this belt will stay long with him and that he might even go on to Wrestle Mania. Would Reign stay in Smackdown or move to Raw? We can only guess.


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