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Quarterback Russell Wilson Says Antonio Brown Deserves a Spot in Seattle Seahawks

Quarterback Russell Wilson Says Antonio Brown Deserves a Spot in Seattle Seahawks

Quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks, Russell Wilson, said that Antonio Brown deserves a spot in National Football League (NFL) once again, especially for the Seattle Seahawks, ESPN reports.

Adam Schefter, a senior writer at ESPN, had opened up speculations when he opined that Seattle Seahawks were one of the teams looking for Antonio Brown amidst the interest of several others. The NFL had suspended Brown for eight games back in July without pay for multiple infractions of guidelines surrounding the league’s personal conduct policy.

Brown is also the subject of an NFL investigation after an artist accused him of sexually assaulting her in his home in 2017. In June, he also pleaded guilty to a felony burglary charge and two lesser misdemeanor charges due to an incident with a moving truck company outside his Florida home. Then there is a lawsuit filed by his athletic trainer, alleging that he also sexually assaulted her.

Antonio Brown had a rough on and off a spell in the NFL following years of personal problems that cropped up into his professional life. However, Wilson thinks Brown deserves another shot.

“I think Antonio definitely has taken those steps in the right direction, and as I said, nobody is perfect,” Wilson said Thursday. “From the conversations I’ve had with him, he’s really been remorseful, and he’s been humbled along the way. As I said, I pray that he can continue to grow, just like anybody.”

Wilson and Brown are friends who have known each other for the past five years. The pair reportedly trained together at the quarter’s southern California home during the off-season.

The 32-year-old Brown played only a single game for the New England Patriots last season and was released by the team when allegations of his sexual misconduct were made public. Yet Wilson thinks Brown would make an impact in Seattle. He said Brown was obviously one of the best players to herald the game. Admitting that Brown has made some wrong choices in life, Wilson said that the former Pittsburgh Steelers star could bounce back.

Wilson has not only made a case for his friend in the media but may have taken it officially with his organization, lobbying that the Seahawks sign the suspended player.

Reporters asked if he was ready to overlook Brown’s past misdeeds as a teammate or if he only wanted the player so that his team would continue in its winning ways. Wilson said it was not just about winning but personal development.

“So, I think it’s not just about the games. It’s not just about winning and stuff and like that,” Wilson replied. “It’s also about developing and talking and growing as men and just learning from our previous experiences and everything else too…”

Wilson is currently in the race for the MVP with 19 touchdown passes through five games. He’s been a standout player this season, averaging 308 passing yards per game.


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