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President Trump Agrees to Leave Office if the Electoral College Votes For Joe Biden

President Trump Agrees to Leave Office if the Electoral College Votes For Joe Biden

President Donald Trump seems to be heading forward towards finally conceding defeat after revealing that he will accept that the President-elect Joe Biden won the November 3 presidential election if the Electoral College votes which will occur on December 14 favor Biden, the Guardian reports.

When a reporter asked about his plans for such eventuality on Thursday, the president answered that he will certainly exit the White House.

“I will definitely leave the White House, there is absolutely no question about whether I will respect their votes or not and you know that,” Trump said. “It will be difficult to accept defeat when we are sure that there was massive foul play from the other side during the election.”

Trump continued by stating that the Electoral College voting for Biden will be a big mistake because it is clear that “this election was a fraud”. When it seemed like the reporter wanted to continue hounding Trump about his remarks about the allegations of voter fraud and others, the president snapped at the reporter.

“I am the President of the United States and you should never speak to me in that manner,” Trump said.

Before Thursday, Trump had refused to answer questions from reporters after criticizing a majority of the media outlets for calling the election for Biden. The president has been making evidence-free allegations of voter fraud, suppression of his supporters, and some other forms of rigging from the Democrats since the election was called for Biden. The president and his legal team have demanded that the election results have to be turned to favor him.

Late in the day on November 3, Trump addressed the nation claiming that he won the election in some states when the mail-in ballots had not been counted. When the mail-in ballots were being counted and Biden began cutting drastically into his lead, Trump took to his Twitter accounts with evidence-free allegations that the results should have favored him.

A spokesperson for the Biden campaign, Andrew Bates responded to his false claims in a statement shortly after the election. In the statement, Bates intimated that Trump will be trespassing if he fails to leave the White House at the right time and as the law allows, the Biden administration will give a marching order to trespassers.

After many of his 30 lawsuits were denied, dismissed, or withdrawn, the Trump administration commenced the transition process on Monday, its first step towards acknowledging defeat weeks after the election. A few moments after the transition was reported, the president tweeted again stating that his case against the results of the election has not ended. He has continued to state the same thing this week during a Pennsylvania State Senate hearing and a conference call with forces of the US military.


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