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Vice President, Mike Pence, Agrees To Use Plexiglass during VP Debate

Vice President, Mike Pence, Agrees To Use Plexiglass during VP Debate

Vice President Mike Pence has finally accepted the use of a plexiglass barrier around him during the VP debate between him and Kamala Harris after strongly opposing the idea on the grounds that there was no medical need to use plexiglass. The Vice President’s team stated on Tuesday that the VP has decided to stand behind the plexiglass as recommended by the debate commission.

The commission recommended the use of plexiglass with other precautionary measures for Pence and Harris as well as the moderator of the debate. The senator’s team mouth the idea stating that the current spread of COVID-19 in the White House raises the need for more layers of protection around the participants. Although Pence has tested negative to COVID-19, Sen. Harris’ team pointed out that he was present at the Rose Garden event that was assumed to be the beginning of the spread in the White House.

“We have made findings of the need for a Plexiglass barrier when the participants will be standing more than 12 feet apart, that’s double the space recommended by the CDC,” an aide on the Vice President’s team said. “We will however not allow something as minute as that stop the Vice-President from arguing for Trump to rule for another term.”

The debate commission stated that the introduction of the plexiglass was a result of the COVID-19 in the White House. The commission added that the VP would have been allowed to participate without the plexiglass barrier if he had continued to oppose the idea. The VP however agreed to the barrier on Tuesday evening stating that it would allow Senator Harris and her team feel safer.

“The Senator called for the use of the plexiglass barrier, and if Pence had insisted he didn’t want one, it wouldn’t have been an issue since Harris will be protected behind a barrier,” a member of the debate commission said.

The commission stated that a curved barrier made of plexiglass will separate the two participants as well as the moderator during the Wednesday debate in Salt Lake. The participants will also be mandated to use face masks to protect themselves from the virus contained in droplets of fluids from the body.

Senator Harris’ team stated that the Senator will be at the debate to ensure that all safety rules are duly followed.

“Senator Harris will be present at the debate, and she has promised to follow the guidelines put in place by the Cleveland Clinic,” a spokeswoman of Harris’ campaign Sabrina Singh. “If the present administration has decided to fight the use of shields just like they fought the use of masks, then we should not be surprised that they have been unable to handle the pandemic.”

The commission in charge of the debate has also announced that people that wish to stay in the room during the debate will be mandated to use face masks as advised by the medical team at Cleveland Clinic.

President Trump has stated that his positive COVID-19 result will not prevent him from attending the Miami presidential debate slated for October 15 and the Nashville presidential debate which will hold October 22. His announcement has mandated organizers to examine the various ways they can host the debate without any risks. Some organizers are considering the possibility of virtual debates.


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