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Positive Beverages Severs Working Relationship with Kelly Dodd after COVID-19 Comments

Positive Beverages Severs Working Relationship with Kelly Dodd after COVID-19 Comments

Over the weekend, Kelly Dodd of The Real Housewives of Orange County was embroiled in a controversy following her presence in a crowded restaurant amid the rising cases of COVID-19 cases across the country, Daily Mail reports.

She was called out by fans for promoting a no-mask culture and generally disobeying COVID-19 safety guidelines. However, Dodd was unbothered despite the outcry on social media and responded that she and her friends that were sighted at the Newport Beach, California restaurant were already vaccinated.

Dodd’s choice of words was also seen as offensive. She responded with a “The sheeple are mad” outburst soon after her weekend’s misadventure became public knowledge. She explained that neither she nor her friends were superspreaders since they have all received the COVID-19 vaccine.

A scene from the outing that might have outraged the public was when Dodd, alongside her husband and friends, were caught on camera joking about the virus and toasting to superspreaders.

The reality star noted that she didn’t take too lightly to the several waves of abuse she had received for being at the restaurant when it was within her rights to be there since California had partially lifted restrictions it placed on indoor dining.

However, Dodd’s actions were not without repercussions. Positive Beverage announced in a statement on Sunday that it was discontinuing its working relationship with the actress. The company said it was severing ties with Dodd following her comments on social media, which has since turned controversial and was bringing unfavorable publicity to the company.

Positive Beverage said everyone within its fold ought to adopt its core value of wellness, community, diversity, and inclusion. The company concluded that Dodd’s behavior, especially within the last couple of months, no longer aligned with these values, and therefore she had to be let go of.

Dodd quickly reacted via Twitter on Sunday. She said she was glad she helped put the company on the map and wished them well in their future endeavors. She noted that she was looking forward to her next venture in the beauty industry, wherein her true passion lies.

Dodd had been with Positive Beverage for the last two years. Back in February 2019, she announced that she owned a stake in the company.

However, she might have forced the hands of the company due to the series of controversial publicity that had trailed her in the past few months. Dodd had suggested that the pandemic was God’s way of reducing the human population. Next, she was called out for wearing a hat that could be interpreted as being insensitive to the Black Lives Matter Movement gaining traction all over the world.

Cowed into submission by the bad publicity that her actions and comments have brought to her brand, Dodd issued a tinted apology in December when she appeared on a show with Andy Cohen. She admitted she regretted her past actions and believed she lost it at some point.

On the other hand, the actress put paid to rumors buzzing on social media that she had been released from The Real Housewives of Orange County. She explained that casts were yet to be announced on the show. However, she blamed a former star on the show, Vicki Gunvalson, for igniting the rumors.


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