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Mysterious Metal Monolith Found In Utah Desert Has Vanished Without Explanations

Mysterious Metal Monolith Found In Utah Desert Has Vanished Without Explanations

A mysterious metal monolith that was found in the Utah desert and falsely believed to have been planted by aliens has disappeared. There is no credible information on how it got to be there in the first place and there is no viable information on its sudden disappearance, CNN reports.

The monolith was discovered by officials of the Utah Department of Public Safety’s Aero Bureau on November 18. The officials were flying in a helicopter to assist the Division of Wildlife Resources to count bighorn sheep when the out-of-place metal object was spotted. The officials reported that it was 10-12 feet high and firmly planted into the ground where it must have been for many years before the latest accidental discovery.

But the moment the discovery hit the news, the object disappeared. How it must have been planted or even removed without anyone noticing adds to the wild speculation that an alien did it, NY Times reports.

“Somebody took the time to use some type of concrete-cutting tool or something to really dig down, almost in the exact shape of the object, and embed it really well,” said Lt. Nick Street, a spokesman for the Department of Public Safety. “It’s odd. There are roads close by, but to haul the materials to cut into the rock, and haul the metal, which is taller than 12 feet in sections — to do all that in that remote spot is definitely interesting.”

The Department of Public Safety and the Bureau of Land Management said the monolith could be a work of art; and that its installation on public land was an illegal activity. Officials said the disappearance of the object would not be investigated because it was private property on public land. State officials refused to reveal the location of the monolith so that people would not get lost in the desert in their efforts to locate it.

Yet some people were able to locate it by themselves and even shared coordinates of how to reach it. One of the first people to find the mysterious object after it hit the news was David Surber who touched it, took photos and videos, and shared them on Instagram. He said the object was located close to Lockhart Basin Road, south of Moab. The location checked out when some people used the GPS coordinates to get to the terrain’s spot, only to find it already gone.

“At the end of the day, extraterrestrial or made through artistic expression; the monolith provided an opportunity for thousands of people to rally behind something positive again,” Surber told CNN after some people reached the spot to find that the object had vanished. “It was a good escape from all the negativity we’ve experienced in 2020.”


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