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Microsoft October Windows 10 Update Is Wreaking Havoc on Users’ PCs

Microsoft October Windows 10 Update Is Wreaking Havoc on Users’ PCs

It seems Microsoft updates are always wreaking havoc on users’ PCs, and the latest Windows 10 update is no different. Windows Latest reported that Microsoft released two Windows 10 updates – KB4579311 and KB4577671, which were supposed to fix the many vulnerabilities and bugs that their Windows OS was exposed to. Now, users who downloaded these Windows 10 updates are reporting various issues with their PCs, including some bricked PCs.

There are various reports on many online forums, including Reddit and Microsoft forums, where users are complaining about a wide range of issues with the latest update.

While some users are complaining about the update “breaking” their computers, others are seeing Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) and error messages, and yet many others are complaining about a lag in the performance of their system. Some are saying the updates refused to install, Tech Radar reports.

One user posted on a forum, saying the update bricked his PC all night and that he had to unplug his PC and roll back the update. He then proceeded to uninstall the update and postponed all updates for up to a month in Settings. There are others who complained about the update affecting some apps, the inability to connect to the internet, and some frequent system crashes.

Users cannot re-download the update if reports from Windows Latest are anything to go by. Users are also not able to use the Media Creation Tool to re-download the update manually. The solution lies in preventing the new update from trying to install. You can do that by pausing your windows 10 update.

To do this, users can enable the “Pause Update” feature on their Start menu. Metering your network connection can also help. When you meter your network connection, it tells Windows 10 that you are on a limited data plan; therefore, all windows updates are automatically paused. Users have also found that disabling their windows update startup service works just as well.

Microsoft is also force-restarting Windows 10 computers to install unwanted web apps. Sean Hollister of The Verge reported this particular issue, wherein he gave detailed descriptions of how Windows 10 had restarted his computers and installed unwanted web app versions of Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Outlook to his computer.

Microsoft has called this latest intrusion a bug. However, the company said it has always pinned Office web shortcuts to the Start Menu since May 2019.


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