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Microsoft Hints at Bringing Sweeping Changes to Windows 10

Microsoft Hints at Bringing Sweeping Changes to Windows 10

It seems a big change is coming to Windows 10 if rumors making the rounds about a sweeping change to the visual representation of Windows in the upcoming 2021 Windows updates are anything to go by, the Verge reports.

Microsoft released a job listing recently seeking top software engineers to join the Windows Core User Experience Team that will bring “sweeping visual rejuvenation of Windows.” According to the listing, the all-around changes to Windows would be designed to show users that Windows remains one of the best operating systems.

However, after reports circulated in the media this weekend about the impending changes to its OS, Microsoft redacted some content in the job listing to make it look like a regular job opening for the role of software engineers.

Over the years, Microsoft has promised users to rebrand the Windows 10 and bring in sweeping interface changes – a change scheduled to happen sometime this year. The overhauling project of Windows is code-named Sun Valley, and a lot of media outlets carried news on the user interface rebranding over the summer.

Microsoft plans to make significant changes to Windows 10, including revamping the Start menu, File Explorer and other preinstalled apps. This is to bring them up in tune with today’s realities and the needs of the market. The planned changes also seek to maintain the uniformity of the Windows UI across devices, bringing consistency to the sliders, buttons, and controls as they appear on Windows, Arstechnica writes.

Another planned change the company is working on is pertaining to the user-friendliness of its Surface tablet, offering users a more seamless experience in mouse/trackpad usage and touch-based interactions.

Over the years, the company has sought to improve the uniformity of the Windows UI, and users expect these changes to finally appear on Windows 10X. Last year, Microsoft released new Windows 10 icons and added minor changes to the Start menu afterward.

During last summer, Microsoft made some significant changes to its Windows organization, taking a renewed focus on the operating system that helped it become widely popular. Microsoft placed Surface Chief Panos Panay in charge early last year and made major changes to the Windows team. Panay said he wants to move users from just needing the Windows OS for their everyday projects to actually loving the overall experience it offers.

The coronavirus pandemic increased the usage of Windows by teams working from home, and it seems Microsoft considers this period the right time to apply the changes it had always wanted to undertake.


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