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Google Rebrands Office Apps Package as “Workspace”

Google Rebrands Office Apps Package as “Workspace”

Google, on Tuesday, rolled out a new name for its workplace apps with other features that are meant to make collaborations and integrations much more comfortable.

The new app’s package includes Gmail, Calendar, Google Drive, Google Photos, and a list of others. These packages will be known as Google Workspace, dropping the G-Suite toga it had carried for years now. The tech giant said that its latest rebranding efforts are geared towards making integrations better so that users can work across platforms without hassles.

In the rebranded app service, users of Docs, Sheets, and Slides will be able to make a video while working on a document, making it easier for them to discuss while real-time editing of the document is ongoing. Again, users will also be able to create and edit new documents within Google’s Chat service when the rebranded version is rolled out in the coming weeks.

The new name and features also come with a new look. Google decided to stick with its four brand colors of red, green, blue, and yellow. Gmail underwent a drastic change. Its envelope icon is to be replaced by a big “M” made up of its brand colors. The same changes were rolled out for Google Docs, Google Photos, Calendar, and Drive, which will now bear new icons.

Speaking about the huge changes that have taken place with the Google Workspace, Javier Soltero, Google’s Vice President in charge of Workspace, said “Our new Google Workspace brand reflects this more connected, helpful, and flexible experience; and our icons will reflect same.”

Google said the integrated Workspace is now available for customers who are able to pay for it, but the free version will be available in the coming months. Stating its pricing plan for the new service, Google said that for companies with users below 300, the prices ranged from $6 to $18 per month.

Google’s timed rebranding effort is coming amidst increased collaborations amongst teams who are working more from home due to the pandemic. With other tech giants offering new and top-rated functionalities to their workspace apps, Google will not want to be left behind. Its competitor, Microsoft, already offers a similar Workspace service with Microsoft Office 365 which offers a seamless collaboration across its Office apps.

With Google seeking to dominate the virtual productivity sector with competition from other tech giants, updating Google Workspace with excellent features should not be too surprising.


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