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32 Attendees at Ohio Wedding Infected With COVID-19; They Failed to Wear Masks

32 Attendees at Ohio Wedding Infected With COVID-19; They Failed to Wear Masks

A minimum of 32 people has contracted COVID-19 after they attended a wedding ceremony in Ohio. The couple has also been diagnosed with the disease and three of their grandparents are also down with the infection. The couple said they provided attendees with face masks and hand sanitizer, but they failed to use them, and they realized this fact very late into the ceremonies.

The couple, Anthony and Mikayla Bishop, said they reduced their number of wedding guests from 200 to only 85 in observance of health and safety protocols, yet many of their guests came down with COVID-19. The wedding held in Blue Ash in the suburbs of Cincinnati on October 31, and the couple spent their honeymoon in North Carolina where they developed coronavirus symptoms.

Although three of the couple’s grandparents developed coronavirus infection, two of them went to the hospital when their symptoms became very severe. Within two weeks, 32 guests at the wedding had been diagnosed with the infection, and even the bridegroom lost his sense of taste and smell while the bride became so sick she could barely stand up.

Mikayla said although they provided masks and sanitizers to guests, she first realized no one was using them when her parents walked her down the aisle. She said there was nothing she or Anthony could do since the ceremony was in full swing but only had to go along with it and wished that everything turned outright.

“My big moment honestly was right when the ceremony started and the doors opened and both my parents walked me down the aisle,” Mikayla said. “The first thing I see is I see everyone’s face. And that’s when I realized, ‘Wow. Nobody’s wearing a mask,’ I’m walking down the aisle. We can’t do anything now.”

She recalled that their grandparents were the only ones using masks and that they took them off when they wanted to eat their dinner. Yet they came down with the disease. She thinks the dancing on the floor may have been responsible for the spread of the pandemic since no one on the floor used masks, and they were literally in each other’s face.

“That’s what was maybe the superspreader is the dance floor,” Mikayla Bishop said. “Everybody’s in each other’s face and there are no masks.”

The new couple said they never expected that almost half the guests at their wedding would be sick with COVID-19 and that everyone was carried away with the excitement at the event to even bother about consciously observing health and safety protocols.


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