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Disneyland in California Becomes a Super COVID-19 Vaccination Site

Disneyland in California Becomes a Super COVID-19 Vaccination Site

Disneyland Resort has been designated as the first mass vaccination site for COVID-19 vaccine distribution in Orange County, California. According to authorities, by the end of the current week, thousands of people will be able to get inoculated at the resort every day. Disneyland will be the first among planned vaccination sites in the area.

Andrew Do, the acting chairman of the Orange County’s Board of Supervisors, said in a statement that Disneyland Resort, the county’s largest employer of labor, has assumed the responsibility of hosting the county’s first super Point-of-Dispensing site – a valuable role in the entire vaccination distribution chain.

Mayor Harry Sidhu of Anaheim, the city in Orange County where Disneyland is located, said that the planned supersite at Disneyland would help the country in general and California in particular to overcome the devastating public health and economic crisis brought about by the coronavirus pandemic. Sidhu noted that every vaccination that would be carried out in Anaheim is geared towards saving the lives of thousands of citizens and helping to proffer a speedy recovery and reopening of the city.

Southern California is trying to recover from a sudden increase in the number of coronavirus infections that saw a surge in the number of people admitted at various health facilities and a quick rise in the death toll over the past month. The region is currently a flashpoint of COVID-19 infection, with an estimated one in six residents testing positive for the coronavirus infection in the last seven days.

The neighboring Los Angeles County has it worse, with one in five residents testing positive for COVID-19 within the period. Orange County, with a population of 3.1 million, has seen more than 190,000 people tested positive for the coronavirus infection since the start of the pandemic and 2,100 deaths, CNN reports.

Experts have repeatedly said that the quicker the authorities are able to reach a large number of the population to get them vaccinated, the more they’re able to achieve a fast-tracked process aimed at making herd immunity possible.

So, across the world, officials are using large public facilities such as stadiums, fairgrounds, racecourses, museums, parks, and other such facilities as mass vaccination centers. On Friday, Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles will be converted from a test center into a vaccination center.

This week, the UK ramped up their inoculation program by opening up seven mass vaccination sites, where vaccinations are already taking place.


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