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Sidney Powell, Trump’s Campaign Lawyer, Fired for Making Unguarded Claims about Election Results

Sidney Powell, Trump’s Campaign Lawyer, Fired for Making Unguarded Claims about Election Results

The Trump campaign has announced that Sidney Powell, one of the major players in President Donald Trump’s campaign, is no longer a part of the president’s legal team and all her statements do not reflect the team’s stance on election results. Powell’s disengagement from the campaign team was announced on Sunday but no reason has been given for the decision.

“Sidney Powell represents herself,” Rudy Giuliani, the president’s private attorney stated on Sunday. “She is not a part of our campaign and does not personally represent the president either.”

Powell’s evidence-free allegations about electoral fraud have escalated in the past weeks. She has several times threatened to give reporters solid evidence which points to voter fraud and rigging during the 2020 election but has been unable to do so. Powell has also released a statement explaining that Guiliani’s statement will not deter her from ensuring that the alleged electoral fraud is exposed.

“The statement only shows that indeed I represent #WeThePeople in our search for the truth,” the attorney explained. “I will disclose the fraud regardless of the consequences. Our fight is to ensure that the foundations of our great nation stand firm and our votes for the president and other Republicans are not wrongfully taken.”

The attorney has alleged that officials that conducted the election in many US states were dishonest in the counting of the results. She has also made statements against Georgia’s Governor Brian Kemp, a Republican who confirmed on Friday that President-elect Joe Biden carried the majority votes in the state. She went for Kemp in her statement, threatening a “biblical” lawsuit against him which appeared to not go down well with allies of the president, Politico writes.

“Sidney Powell verbally attacked Governor Brian Kemp on television for a crime she has been unable to defend or give evidence to support,” Chris Christie, former governor of New Jersey stated on Sunday.

The president had earlier named Powell as a key player in his legal team. In a tweet, he explained that Powell, Giuliani, and other lawyers would form what he later called an “elite strike force” that would argue his position about the 2020 elections. The team has however been largely unsuccessful in its pursuit, and federal judges have thrown out several of their cases for want of evidence.

The GOP shared footage of Powell alleging that Trump, not Biden, won the election, and he did that by a landslide. The former political director of the party, Mike DuHaime, denounced Powell’s message in a tweet on Sunday and urged the RNC to stop showing support for such claims.

Powell’s allegations against Kemp and Secretary of State in Georgia Brad Raffensperger who are both Republicans might affect the outcome of the January 5 Georgia runoffs which will determine the hold of the party in Congress.


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