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Pizza Hut Introduces Its New Detroit-Styled Pizza; Prices Start from $10.99

Pizza Hut Introduces Its New Detroit-Styled Pizza; Prices Start from $10.99

Pizza Hut has debuted its latest pizza, and it is unlike the regular pizza you can get everywhere else. The American restaurant chain and international food franchise launched a new Detroit-style pizza, going for a more rectangular crust with cheese to the edges, away from the conventional round shape pizzas are known for.

The newly-introduced shape of the chain’s pizza is in demand within Michigan City and its environs.

Pizza Hut has no hope of taking the back-seat in the pizza war that has been ongoing among popular food chains since the pandemic began. This will be the company’s second major product launch in January, and there’s little to show the company will be taking a break any time soon.

In releasing its latest menu across the country in a launch on Tuesday, Pizza Hut announced that it tried out about 500 variations of the new menu. According to the company, many of the product tests were carried out in the Midwest. The chain noted that it made use of its in-house vine-ripened tomato sauce because it generally kept the crust of the pizza light and airy.

Pizza Hut said its new menu comes in four varieties, including the Detroit Double Pepperoni, Double Cheesy, Meaty Deluxe, and Supremo. The chain particularly emphasized the unique offering in the Detroit Double Pepperoni due to the presence of 80 pepperoni slices. The Supremo is another great offer as it comes with Italian sausage, red onions, and green bell peppers. Pizza Hut said the prices of its new pizza offerings start at $10.99, Business Insider reports.

The coronavirus pandemic offered the chance for big chains to compete directly for their market share of customers, following a boom in demand for pizzas occasioned by families spending more time at home and ordering more snacks from food delivery services.

The revenue of Pizza Hut increased dramatically last year as customers scrambled to order pizzas. The same was true for Domino’s and Papa John’s Pizza, whose sales and revenues sharply increased.

Analysts are predicting the same trend of rising sales by these companies to continue even this year. With nowhere else for customers to turn to, pizza delivery chains made a kill in sales from the massive orders from customers last year. The lockdown measures imposed by governments at the federal, state, and county-level meant the dine-in restaurants were shut down or operated at low capacity.

There are high hopes that the demand and sales of pizza will continue to surge as restaurants all over the country resume operations.


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