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Nestle Prepared Foods Recalls over 700,000 Pounds of Hot Pockets after Receiving Complaint of Oral Injury

Nestle Prepared Foods Recalls over 700,000 Pounds of Hot Pockets after Receiving Complaint of Oral Injury

The United States Department of Prepared (USDA) through its Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), disclosed on Friday that Nestlé Prepared Foods has issued a recall of 762,615 lbs of pepperoni pizza Hot Pockets, after complaints of possible glass and plastic contamination in the products. According to the USDA’s announcement, the affected products were available in retail stores around the country last November.

The agency stated in the press release that there is a possibility that the products contain foreign materials that will make them unfit for human consumption. It also stated that the products could contain hard plastic materials and tiny pieces of broken glass, adding that the recall is a “Class I” recall. Class I recalls are the highest level, based on the risks associated with consuming such products.

The USDA classifies “Class I” recalls as recalls that have a possibility of serious negative effects if the products are consumed. The agency disclosed that the recall was mandated by complaints from four consumers who called the company to complain about noticing pieces of glass and plastic in the products. One of the complaints reported suffering a small oral injury, according to the USDA.

The 54-ounce packets of “Nestlé Hot Pockets Brand Sandwiches: Premium Pepperoni made with pork, chicken and beef pizza garlic buttery crust,” are being recalled, the FSIS said. The products contain 12 pieces of sandwiches and have the best before the date of “Feb 2022” and any one of these lot codes: 0318544624, 0319544614, 0320544614, and 0321544614.

The FSIS stated that the products were available in retail stores from November 13 to 16, 2020. The FSIS said it has not been contacted by any other consumer who wished to complain about the product, apart from the four consumers who reached out to Nestle. It also urged consumers with health concerns about the product to pay a visit to their doctors.

FSIS said that consumers who have the products in their freezers must ensure they discard them or take them back to the stores they purchased the products from. The agency said it periodically checks companies that have issued recalls to ascertain that consumers are properly informed about the recall and that the products are taken off shelves in retail stores all over the nation.

“Anyone who has bought the affected product must ensure that they properly discard it or take it back to where they purchase it,” the agency said late Friday.


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