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Meghan Markle Says Decision to Remove Their Names from Archie’s Certificates Was Not Theirs

Meghan Markle Says Decision to Remove Their Names from Archie’s Certificates Was Not Theirs

Recently, the UK’s The Sun reported an exclusive regarding how the Duke and Duchess of Sussex had removed their names from their son’s birth certificate while opting to go with their official royal titles.

In the widely circulated story that generated buzz within social media, Meghan Markle was said to have erased her first name, choosing to go with her royal title – Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex. Prince Harry, on the other hand, added Prince to his child’s birth certificate, with his official title of His Royal Highness Prince Henry Charles Albert David Duke of Sussex.

The UK tabloid newspaper put forward a guess about the reason for the name change. They stated that the couple could be seeking to dissociate themselves from a tradition already adopted by William and Kate Middleton. They have their first names on their children’s birth certificates.

The tabloid also touted that the move could be a way for Prince Harry to copy his mum, who preferred the official title of Her Royal Highness the Princess of Wales.

Archie’s birth occurred on the 6th of May 2019, and the name change took place on June 6 of the same year amidst rumors of increasing tension between the Harrys and the Williams. The Sussexes had announced that they would cease to run the same charity outfit they shared with the Cambridges.

Now, Meghan has come out to clear the air on the buzzing rumors surrounding the name change on her son’s birth certificate.

The spokesperson to Meghan clarified that the name change was the idea of The Palace. The statement explained that neither Meghan nor her husband had requested such. Meanwhile, senior Palace officials have confirmed that Buckingham sanctioned the move.

Meghan also berated suggestions that the redaction on Archie’s birth certificate was spite on Kate Middleton following the alleged bad blood between the pair. She said the attempt by The Sun tabloid to whip up negative sentiments against the Duchess of Sussex by suggesting that she wished to remain anonymous on her son’s birth certificate was comical, if not outrightly distasteful. Meghan noted that other important things were going on in the world for the tabloid to write about other than focus on mundane gossips.

Harry and Meghan now reside in California after stepping away from Royal duties in March 2020. They have since worked their way up to becoming financially independent. In April, they announced their charitable foundation, Archewell, which focused on gender equality and conservation. The couples have also secured deals with streaming services such as Spotify and Netflix for a lineup of podcasts and shows.


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