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Google Subscription Plan Makes the $349 Pixel 4A Phone Available At $216 Over Two Years

Google Subscription Plan Makes the $349 Pixel 4A Phone Available At $216 Over Two Years

Google has come up with a new subscription plan for selling its Pixel 4A phones. The company is offering customers the Pixel 4A for just $9 per month over a 24-month period as part of the new Google Fi phone subscription program.

What this means for lovers of Google Pixel 4A phones is that for a $9 monthly cost, you would be paying just $216 for the phone – a significant saving over its recommended manufacturer’s suggested retail price of $349. After you must have made a monthly payment over the two-year timeline, the phone becomes yours.

There’s also an option to add in a $6 per month device protection plan. This could take your monthly subscription plan upwards to $15. This protection plan insures you against two incidents of incidental damage and one loss or theft claim in a year. However, the loss and theft replacement warranties are not available to New York state residents.

This means for that extra layer of protection for your device, which the $15 gives, you will be paying $360 for the Pixel 4A over the course of 24 months – a slight addition of $11 more than the phone’s original asking price of $349.

Some users may be thinking – why not sign up for this subscription plan, avoid paying the protection plan, and then pay up in full within a few months or less. This could save a user the extra $100 on the Pixel 4A. Well, Google thought ahead of you.  Such an option is not available according to the terms of the subscription. You will lose your discount if you pay ahead of time.

This latest subscription plan by Google does not include the Google Fi cell phone plan. This means you would have to buy a Google Fi Flexible plan or Unlimited, whichever one that suits you best, separately. On the other hand, if you are already a Google Fi subscriber, the phone subscription plan will be added to your monthly payments.

Google does not offer any other phone in its subscription plans asides from the Pixel 4A. Therefore, you won’t be able to buy the Pixel 5 or even the Pixel 4A 5G – which is yet to be released in the US.


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