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GoFundMe Campaign Created for Mother of Boys Found Dead In Leavenworth, Oklahoma

GoFundMe Campaign Created for Mother of Boys Found Dead In Leavenworth, Oklahoma

Friends and family rallied round to create a GoFundMe campaign to help the mother of two boys killed in Leavenworth, and two girls abducted but rescued the same day. Marisa Clausen, a friend of the family, created the campaign. She said the mission of the GoFundMe account was to help pay for the funeral of the deceased kids and also provide for their mother at this critical period.

The police had reported that the boys – 14-year-old Logan Jackson and 11-year-old Austin Jackson – were discovered dead on Saturday. The younger sisters to the boys – 7-year-old Nora Jackson and 3-year-old Aven Jackson – had gone missing from their home. When the police launched a search for them, they were found in Oklahoma. Their dad, Donny Jackson, was arrested shortly after the incident.

Jackson’s car had reportedly been seen within a 500 miles radius from their Leavenworth home when they went missing and the police reported the death of the boys.

Court records show that the mum and dad of the children were in the middle of a divorce. A status hearing had been scheduled for November 12. Donny Jackson’s attorney had recused himself from representing Jackson last month and he began representing himself, Kait8 reports.

One of the boys should have been in his soccer practice. Concerns were raised when he didn’t show up. He was eventually found at home with his brother.

A search commenced for the girls, and the number suspect at their point was their dad. The search was escalated to a wider search network when police alerts showed that Jackson’s car had been spotted on Highway 169 at a car stop near the Oklahoma border at noon. The abducted children had been in the vehicle. At 1 pm, Amber Alerts were issued in Kansas, Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.

On Saturday, the Oklahoma Highway Patrol officers spotted a vehicle that matched Jackson’s car. He was pulled over and arrested, and the girls were rescued from him. Leavenworth County Undersheriff Jim Sherley said the department has had several encounters with Jackson in the past. As of Sunday, Jackson had not been officially charged by prosecutors.


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