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China Sanctions 28 Trump Officials, Including Mike Pompeo

China Sanctions 28 Trump Officials, Including Mike Pompeo

The Chinese authorities on Wednesday imposed sanctions on 28 members of Trump’s administration, included in the list is former Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo. The announcement came from the Chinese foreign ministry after the inauguration of President Joe Biden into office.

It reveals the sanctions against Trump officials that the Chinese authorities deemed to have violated China’s sovereignty and contributed to the worsening diplomatic relations between her and United States.

Prominent among the sanctioned officials is former Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, former White House trade adviser Peter Navarro, former national security adviser Robert O’Brien, former US ambassador to the United Nations, Kelly Craft, former deputy national security adviser, Matthew Pottinger, former national security adviser John Bolton, and former White House chief strategist, Steve Bannon.

The sanction will prevent the listed individuals and their immediate family members from entering mainland China, Hong Kong, and Macao. They will also be unable to conduct business with China or any companies and institution affiliated with China.

The statement by the Chinese foreign ministry said that over the last few years, some politicians in the United States that adopted anti-China ideologies promoted these ideals to favor their political interests and their bias against China without caring how their moves tampered with the sovereignty of China, undermined the interest of the Chinese and American people, and affected the once cordial relationship between Washington and Beijing, Bloomberg reports.

The latest development is coming on the heels of statements by Pompeo accusing the Chinese authorities of genocide against Muslim Uighurs and minority groups in the Western Xinjiang region. The US had earlier responded to China’s actions by sanctioning many of her officials back in July. The move by the Trump administration was only one of several sanctions, travel bans, and trade restrictions against members of the Chinese Communist Party.

The Trump administration did not hide its contempt for China, often adopting a threatening approach in relating with the Asian country. Pompeo and other key figures in the administration had often referred to China as a threat to the United States. Bolton downplayed the sanctions against him, calling it great news via his Twitter handle hours after the announcement by the Chinese foreign ministry. He said the move by China was a great recognition of his passionate efforts to protect America’s interest.

It remains to be seen what approach Biden will adopt in his relation with China. However, analysts can predict it would be miles away from the confrontational approach of the Trump’s administration.


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