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Carmel Partners Welcomes Residents of The Gantry with a Summer Event Series

Carmel Partners Welcomes Residents of The Gantry with a Summer Event Series

Just weeks since opening its doors in Washington D.C., Carmel Partner’s The Gantry continues to find inspiration in the energetic and eclectic atmosphere of the city’s beloved Union Market District. A neighborhood centered around the historic Union Market, the district is a melting pot for cuisine and culture. It also houses a growing sector of young professionals, becoming an irresistible hub for the city’s most creative entrepreneurs, visionaries, and artists.

With a vision to capture Union Market District’s historic charm, Carmel Partners is hosting a Summer Event Series at The Gantry, including two distinct events that invite residents to find inspiration in the people and places that make the Union Market district one of D.C.’s most diverse destinations.

The first of these events was a popular outdoor Pure Barre fitness series which kicked off in June followed by a Vinyasa on the Plaza series led by D.C.-based yoga instructor, Mario Austin, the series of yoga classes offer residents the chance to explore breath and movement while immersing in the comfort of outdoor practice. Guests of all skill levels discover a series of yoga flows that engage the full-body, and separate target areas such as the hips, back, and shoulders. This is a 6-class series spanning August and September.

Vinyasa on the Plaza also welcomes virtual guests to its weekly classes, through a Streetsense Livestream that can be found on The Gantry’s Instagram. Whether attending virtually or in person, Vinyasa on the Plaza will culminate in a giveaway prize to a randomly selected guest who follows The Gantry and Mario Austin on Instagram and posts a photo at the event with the branded hashtag. Bringing residents together through movement, Vinyasa on the Plaza celebrates the beautiful outdoor space that attracts residents to luxury living at The Gantry.

During its Summer Event Series, Carmel Partners will also host a Sculpture Social on September 17th to bring recognition to The Gantry’s iconic sculpture, visible to residents from the moment they step foot on the property. This sculpture speaks to the industrial past of the Union Terminal rail yards, serving the Union Market as early as the 1930s. The Gantry’s entrance sculpture derives from a deconstructed version of rail gantries, which commonly lined the rail tracks leading into the market. Its metal structure imitates the framed view that passengers would see if the historic trains passed by The Gantry Plaza today. Additionally, a water feature creates a light mist effect, further invoking the steam rail era when the market first found its popularity.

Carmel Partners unveils this rich past in their Sculpture Social. With The Gantry sculpture as a backdrop, residents will gather in The Gantry plaza for a night of live music from local artist ensemble, DC Strings. Livestreamed on The Gantry’s Instagram, in-person and virtual guests will enjoy music from the Union Market’s developmental era in the 1930s. The event will also feature ice cream from DC’s Milk Cult and Japanese comfort food from the Union Market’s UZU, allowing residents to indulge in the Union Market District’s vibrant culinary scene.

From Pure Barre and Vinyasa on the Plaza to the Sculpture Social, The Gantry’s Summer Event Series creates a perfect end to the summer, establishing the plaza as a space for a variety of community events to come. With its first retail vendor, Shop Made in DC, opening in September, Carmel Partners anticipates an exciting future of food, art, and culture taking place in The Gantry Plaza.

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