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Body of Skiing Utah Man Buried in Avalanche on Saturday Recovered in Deep Snow

Body of Skiing Utah Man Buried in Avalanche on Saturday Recovered in Deep Snow

A skiing trip ended tragically for Kurt Damschroder, a resident of Park City, Utah, after he was buried in an avalanche on Saturday. Damschroder could not be rescued on Saturday as a result of the unstable condition of the area – the Utah backcountry. While calling off the search on Saturday, rescuers said they had no hope of finding him alive as a result of the amount of time he had spent in the wild.

Justin Martinez, the Sheriff of Summit County, where the accident occurred, announced on Twitter that the victim’s body had been found on Sunday. A statement released by Martinez’s office revealed that the victim and a friend had gone skiing in the backcountry and their activities must have disturbed the unstable layers of snow that were at the scene.

The sheriff said the accident happened around 3:30 pm local time in an area known as the Square Top. The statement also explained that the other skier had tried to save Damschroder but had to leave him as a result of the unstable conditions. The same conditions had mitigated against any rescue effort until nightfall and the victim’s body was later found on Sunday, CNN reports.

The county’s search and rescue team alongside the state’s Department of Public Safety had pulled resources to search for Damschroder. The department stated that the accident and many others like it are a result of fresh piles of snow falling on already weak bases that can only take so much strain. People who wish to ski have to properly examine the sites in backcountry areas to ensure the condition is safe for such actions.
Martinez also urged travelers in the area to always check with the Utah Avalanche Center to determine areas that are safe for skiing. He said skiers and travelers must ensure they have the right clothing and tools.

The UAC’s statement and experts’ analysis revealed that avalanches in this period are expected as a result of the present weather conditions in the area. Experts advised that people should stay away from piles of snow that are about 30 degrees high.

The UAC also described the area where the incident occurred as an area well known for its serious avalanches and urged skiers to always check and recheck safety conditions to avoid fatal and ghastly accidents.


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