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Best Budgeting Apps to Help You Avoid Debt — The Experts at Resolvly, LLC, Pick Their Favorites

Best Budgeting Apps to Help You Avoid Debt — The Experts at Resolvly, LLC, Pick Their Favorites

If you struggle with budgeting, using a budgeting app can help. Apps make it easier to keep track of your budget, and if you’re prone to overspending, some apps will even help you cut back on unnecessary spending. Here are four budgeting apps picked by our experts at Resolvly, LLC that can help you avoid debt:


Mint is arguably one of the best personal finance tools out there, and it’s an excellent app for people just starting with budgeting. The app automatically tracks your spending, so you don’t have to enter each transaction manually. All you have to do is connect your bank accounts, credit cards, and loans, and Mint does the rest.

The app also offers free credit scores, which can be helpful for building good credit. You’ll want to check your credit score regularly if you’re trying to build good credit or maintain the high credit score you already have.

You Need a Budget

Then You Need a Budget (YNAB) app focuses on helping you create a monthly budget so you can spend based on your priorities, not your habits.

It’s not geared toward paying off debt or saving for retirement, but it can help people who need to get a better handle on their day-to-day spending. YNAB has won praise from The New York Times, Forbes and others.


This app connects with your bank accounts and credit cards to show you how much is safe to spend after accounting for bills and savings goals. It also offers financial tips and reminders of upcoming bills. PocketGuard is free, but a version that includes bill tracking, unlimited accounts, and more costs $7.99 per month.


This app is perfect for people who want more control over their spending and budget planning. Goodbudget allows users to take control of their finances by setting up budgets and controlling where the money goes.

Users create virtual envelopes and put money aside for particular expenses such as groceries, home maintenance, and utilities, making it easier to visualize where their money is going, similar to the popular ‘envelope method’ for budgeting cash.

Personal Capital

Personal Capital helps you save money by tracking and analyzing your spending, but it also has powerful tools to help you invest wisely. The app offers a robust dashboard that gives an at-a-glance view of your finances, and you can easily see how your spending breaks down by category and where you can save money.

The Personal Capital app also offers a retirement planner, as well as a fee analyzer that helps you determine whether the funds in your retirement accounts are costing you money. It’s all free to use — with no hidden fees — making Personal Capital one of our top picks for budgeting apps.

Resolvly’s Top Budgeting Apps to Track Debt in 2022

Budgeting apps can help you keep track of everything you spend and ensure everyone in your family is on the same page about your finances. If you struggle with budgeting, using a budgeting app can help.

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