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Archie Lyndhurst’s Mom Reveals the 19-Year-Old Died From Brain Hemorrhage

Archie Lyndhurst’s Mom Reveals the 19-Year-Old Died From Brain Hemorrhage

Months after his death, the mother of British teen actor, Archie Lyndhurst, has revealed the cause of his death. While penning down an emotional tribute to her late son, Lucy Lyndhurst revealed that Archie died from a brain hemorrhage caused by rare cancer.

The teen star actor became famous following his role on the CBBC comedy series So Awkward. He died at the age of 19 on September 22, 2020. He was supposed to celebrate his 20th birthday in about two weeks when he suddenly passed away.

Lucy Lyndhurst, who shares Archie with actor Nicolas Lyndhurst, put up pictures of the late teen star on Instagram while sharing her experience following the death of their only child.

Reminiscing on events that played out months after her son’s death, Lucy said she and her husband received the second post-mortem of their son a few days before Christmas. Therein, the medical examiner expressly stated the cause of death. According to her, the pathologist gave the cause of death as being from natural causes.

Lucy also used the opportunity to take a swipe at gossip blogs, websites, internet trolls, and others that had ignorantly speculated on Archie’s death. The cause of Archie’s death was given as Intracerebral Hemorrhage caused by Acute Lymphoblastic Lymphoma/Leukemia. Lucy revealed that in this case, Archie’s Leukemia was not the regular Leukemia known by everyone.

The acute nature of his disease also meant that his illness’s progression was accelerated, and there was no medical intervention that could have saved him since he didn’t show any sign of ill health. According to the doctor who handled his case, Archie had numerous bleeds on the brain, and the fact that his death happened in his sleep meant that he didn’t feel any pain.

Lucy noted that days before he died, Archie celebrated his birthday with girlfriend Nethra Tilakumara, who happened to be a co-star in So Awkward. His girlfriend also paid glowing tributes to Archie numerous times using her Instagram page.

In one of Lucy’s tributes, she described Archie as “the most extraordinary magical human being we have ever met.” She said the family, friends, and well-wishers continue to reel from the tremendous impact he had on their lives. She extolled his kindness and generosity while describing him as “an old soul and incredibly advanced for his years in many ways.” She expressed the pride the couple felt in birthing such a great soul and was grateful even for the short time he spent with them.

A second tribute reminisced the many conversations the couple had with their son and how he perceived the world around him. Lucy appreciated the passion Archie brought to everything he set upon to do and admitted the family missed him every day and will always do.


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