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Actress Tanya Roberts Dies at 65, a Day after her Publicist Erroneously Announced her Death

Actress Tanya Roberts Dies at 65, a Day after her Publicist Erroneously Announced her Death

American actress Victoria Leigh Blum who was known by the stage name, Tanya Roberts, died in hospital on Monday; although her publicist erroneously announced her death on Sunday, the day before her actual death. According to her partner, Lance O’Brien, Roberts passed away late on Monday night from urinary tract infection complications. O’Brien told reporters that Roberts had been hospitalized after the infections entered the late actress’s kidneys and liver.

According to O’Brien, the infection got into the actress’s blood after spreading into her vital organs. Roberts, who played “Julie Rogers” in the late 70s TV series “Charlie’s Angels”, died at 65. Roberts also appeared in the 007 movies “A View to a Kill” where she played the role of Stacey Sutton, a geologist who gets targeted by the movie’s antagonist “Max Zorin.” In the Bond movie, Roberts acted alongside veterans Roger Moore and Christopher Walken.

The actress who was born in Bronx, NY, also played Midge Pinciotti in the popular sitcom “That ’70s Show.” Midge Pinciotti, the mother of Donna Pinciotti, was popular for infuriating her daughter and husband with her funny innocent disposition. Midge was often the only leveled headed member of the extremely dramatic family. She left the show in 2001 to concentrate on her husband, Barry Roberts, who was suffering from a terminal illness.

Tanya Roberts had a career in modeling before she started acting in the late 1970s. She married Barry Roberts, who was a screenwriter in 1974. The marriage ended in 2006 after Barry died.

Her publicist, Mike Pingel, had erroneously announced her death on her Facebook page on Sunday. Pingel’s announcement was refuted hours later when reported started circulating that the actress was in the hospital but was still alive. Later, O’Brien told reporters that the confusion was from something he told Pingel. According to O’Brien, he had paid Roberts a visit in the hospital and her doctor had revealed she did not have much time left.

O’Brien said he then told Pingel that he had bid farewell to the actress, a statement that the publicist misconstrued as a confirmation that the actress had passed. O’Brien described how shocked he was when he later received notifications on his phone that the actress had passed on when she was actually still alive.

On Tuesday, O’Brien officially announced the death. He told reporters that he was asleep on Monday around 9:30 (PT) when he received a call from the hospital that the actress had passed.


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